An Icon in Berea

It’s great to know that Berea’s iconic Eastland Inn, 33 Eastland Road, is still just up the road and around the bend and still serving the “comfort foods” that have pleased patrons for 75 years.

Domenic Ruggiero, his sister, Daniela and business partner Mark Bardwell recently took over operations from co-owner Dave Peterkoski and his wife, Liz, who had the Eastland Inn for 16 years.

Ruggiero, a former part-owner of the Front Row Bar and Grill in Brook Park, said he wanted to get into something with a “more homey” atmosphere.

“We saw the potential the Eastland could have with its history. We want to keep it that way and add some new traditions, like homemade food specials. But our main traditions will stay.” he said.

So, long-time patrons who can’t wait to get over to the Eastland for the Friday fish fry, “the most popular dish on the restaurant’s menu,” or the burgers, which Ruggiero says are “the second most popular,” won’t have to worry that these savory eats are going anywhere.

In coming weeks, the Inn’s new owners will be “doing a facelift,” cleaning the place up a bit with paint and new flooring, Ruggiero said, adding, “we’re hoping for another 75 years.”

With the cold, gray days ahead, these are reassuring words.

By Rich Heileman, Sun News
on December 12, 2014 at 11:49 AM